2015 – 2017

venice 22 product range   

designed exclusively for square + circle


available from newlyn art gallery
and online at
www.squareandcircle.co.uk    www.newlynartgallery.co.uk

a specific series of designs inspired by a walk along venice beach in los angeles . i made a set of drawings and chose two to translate onto fabric and paper

venice film is based upon a short film of trapeze hoops moving back and forward on venice beach made by a friend and holds the sentiment of future and possibility

venice flower is based upon the childhood memories of flowers that my dad grew in the garden and is an acknowledgement to the past



2014 – 2017

tate product range
designed exclusively for tate ives

available from tate st ives
and online at

i wanted to create a design that encapsulated both the past and the present of st ives . i spent early mornings drawing alone on porthmeor beach with just the birds for company and the empty expanse of the beach for my view : always constant was the reassuring presence of st nicholas chapel on the island and the iconic structure of the tate building . after making hundreds of drawings i realised that the afore mentioned elements were all that the design needed

being true to the minimalist aspect of my working practice , i used just a few well tuned lines and considered colours for the range . my intention being to capture the very essence of a tate st ives morning and to provide people with something to take away with them , as an uncluttered and true memory of this place